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Individual Therapy (Eutierria Therapy)

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60 minutes

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Who is this for?

This service is ideal for individuals who are seeking a deeper connection with nature as part of their healing journey. If you're dealing with trauma, anxiety, spirituality issues, or simply yearning for a more harmonious relationship with the Earth, this service is designed for you.

What is Eutierria Therapy?

Eutierria Therapy is a unique 50-minute session that takes place outdoors, reconnecting you with the Earth and its life forces. Rooted in the concept of "Eutierria," a term that describes a positive feeling of oneness with the Earth, this therapy aims to heal not just the mind but also the body and spirit.

What to Expect

In our sessions, we'll explore the natural world as a source of healing and inspiration. We'll engage in mindfulness practices, sensory exercises, and reflective discussions, all while immersed in nature. The goal is to help you reestablish a harmonious connection with the Earth, thereby promoting holistic well-being.

How Does it Work?

Sessions are conducted in a natural setting, such as a park or forest, within the local area of my practice. After booking, we'll coordinate the location and any other logistical details.

  • Wholistic* Healing: Integrates mind, body, and spirit for a more comprehensive approach to well-being.

  • Restorative: Nature has proven benefits for mental health, including reduced stress and improved mood.

  • Empowering: Helps you rediscover your innate connection to the Earth, empowering you to live more harmoniously.

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